Fighting Ovarian Cancer With Knowledge, Awareness and Science

Approximately 75 percent of women with stage III or stage IV ovarian cancer ultimately die of complications associated with the disease. However, if the cancer is detected at stage I, the survival rate is close to 95 percent. In other words, early detection of ovarian cancer can save lives.

Despite it’s high mortality rate at later stages, ovarian cancer research trails other five major types of cancer (breast, colon/rectal, lung, prostate and leukemia) in terms of research grants awarded from the American Cancer Society. Breast cancer receives nearly six times as much in research grants from ACS than does ovarian cancer.

The Julie W. Schaffner Ovarian Cancer Fund is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to address both of these issues. Our mission is:

  • To save or extend women's lives by increasing public awareness of the symptoms and early detection of ovarian cancer; and
  • To provide resources to support innovative, cutting-edge research that has the potential to significantly reduce — or eliminate entirely — the high mortality rate associated with this disease.

Please join us in our fight against ovarian cancer. We know we can make a difference in women's lives.



The more you know about ovarian cancer and the earlier you know it improves your odds against the disease.

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