Structure & Governance

The Julie W. Schaffner Ovarian Cancer Fund is administered by the Advocate Charitable Foundation, an Illinois 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit corporation that acts as the philanthropic fiduciary for Advocate Health Care, the largest integrated health care system in Illinois and one that is recognized as one of the nation’s top 10 health care systems.

JW Schaffner Structure and Governance

Because Julie W. Schaffner was a revered and respected nursing leader and executive at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital for 25 years, it is appropriate that the JWS Ovarian Cancer Fund and the Advocate Charitable Foundation are partners in the fight against ovarian cancer.  The JWS Fund raises funds to fight ovarian cancer on a number of fronts; the Advocate Charitable Foundation administers the JWS Fund’s donation and gift-giving process and provides strategic and tactical assistance to support the mission, purpose and programs of the JWS Fund.

The JWS Ovarian Cancer Fund is structured as an endowment, which operates in a slightly different fashion than other charitable funds.  Endowments are designed to provide a perpetual stream of support for the Fund’s overall mission and purpose — gifts, pledges, donations and proceeds from fund-raising events are invested in a well-diversified portfolio of securities that ensure a steady growth of assets over time.  Annually, a portion of these earnings are made available to support the activities of the JWS Fund.  As the endowment grows larger, more funds become available to support the Fund’s mission.

Management of the JWS Ovarian Cancer Fund is the responsibility of an Operating Committee, which is composed of members of the Schaffner family, ovarian cancer experts, health care professionals, ovarian cancer patients and others.  The Operating Committee oversees the disbursement of funds from the endowment, determines current and future funding priorities for the Fund and provides resources and support for the various fund-raising activities conducted by the JWS Fund.

Fund-raising efforts are handled by a committee known as the “Julie Group,” a collection of Julie’s good friends, neighbors and colleagues who regularly meet to plan events, programs and provide counsel for the future direction of the Fund.

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