The Julie W. Schaffner Ovarian Cancer Fund (the JWS Endowment) supports projects that are in alignment with the organization’s mission and purpose
  • Increase public awareness of the symptoms and early detection of ovarian cancer;
  • Support ovarian cancer research; and
  • Support programs to develop the next generation of leaders in the field of health care.

Cancer Survivorship Center Able toExpand Services With Funds From JWS Fund

The Julie W. Schaffner Ovarian Cancer Fund Recently made a grant to the CancerSurvivorship Center at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital that will help the center hire a much-needed social worker to work directly with patients — something the center was not able to do because of budget cuts that eliminated the position.

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JWS Fund Supports Research
Examining Resistant Tumors

Not much is known about why normal cells in a body suddenly become malignant and lost their regulatory control. That’s what cancer is — uncontrolled cellular growth.

When cancerous cells are detected, traditional treatments may include surgery (the removal of cancerous tissue), chemotherapy, which is designed to kill as many cancerous cells as possible, and the use of drug inhibitors, which prevent the growth of tumors.

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Origin of Ovarian Tumors
Study Supported by JWS Fund

The Julie W. Schaffner Ovarian Cancer Fund recently made a grant (Summer 2015) to a promising research project headed by Joanna Burdette, Ph.D., associate professor and associate dean for research, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago. 

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JWS Fund Hosts Community Awareness
Meetings on Ovarian Cancer Risk Factors

The Julie W. Schaffner Ovarian Cancer Fund occasionally hosts free community awareness meetings in which a panel of doctors discuss risk factors, early detection and the link between ovarian and breast cancers. The meetings allow for open dialog between the experts and attendees and are tailored to meet women’s specific needs.

Recognizing Committed,
Compassionate Nurses

With a nod to its namesake and her exemplary career as a leader and Chief Nurse Executive for the entire Advocate Health Care system, the Julie W. Schaffner Ovarian Cancer Fund annually sets aside a small portion of available funding to support programs that are developing the next generation of professional leaders in the health care industry.

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Past Events

Wine, Beer & Scotch Tasting • Live Jazz • Gourmet Food • Raffle With Great Prizes

06-Nov-2015 - 06-Nov-2015

WineHopsScotch!, the annual fund raising event benefitting the Julie W. Schaffner Ovarian Cancer Fund, was held Friday, November 6, 2015 at the Michigan Shores Club, Wilmette, Ill. The following are just a few of the highlights our do.. Read More »

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